Femi Memorial Outreach

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Who We Serve

StudentsFemi Memorial Outreach After School Homework and Tutoring Program reaches at-risk and immigrant students in elementary and middle school in the Chicago metropolitan area. Students are referred to the program by their teachers or directly by their parents. Tutors work directly with students at the student’s school. Occasionally, a tutor is available to work with a student offsite at a designated community agency location.

At-risk students are defined as those students who have a higher than average probability of dropping out or failing academically for a variety of reasons, including ethnicity, low economic status, those not fluent in English, and special-needs students with emotional or behavioral difficulties. Femi Memorial Outreach believes that students from immigrant families are at-risk due to the challenges faced by their parents with language, acculturation and citizenship. We believe that these students may need additional attention from caring adults who will provide learning incentives for their achievement.

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